• tower after
  • tower before
  • scaffolding palmer's tower
  • pantile roof
  • scaffolding removed
  • team on the wall at an angle
  • brick-stone

Flint/brick repointing and consolidation, Great Yarmouth Town Wall, Mariners' Rd.

Location: Great Yarmouth Town Wall, Mariners' Rd., Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Date: October 2015- June 2016

Activity / Result

During this project, the team repointed and consolidated much of the wall along Mariners' Rd., including Palmer's Tower. Repairs were also made to the tower's pantile roof. Particular attention was required for an inordinate extent of cavities in the wall, often created by invasive vegetation. This required particular expertise on removal of the vegetation and the use of appropriate and effective circumstantial methods and lime mortars. Per usual, much attention has been exercised in the application of a sand and lime putty mixture in our repointing efforts, leaving a beautiful and sympathetic sacrificial layer. 

This is part of an ongoing, long-term project funded by the Great Yarmouth Borough Council with match-funding from Historic England. 

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